History Dan Rodden

Dan has been married to his wife, Lee, for fifty years and they have three adult  , all of who were home-schooled.

As a young man, Dan worked in construction, at a steel mill, in wholesale and retail sales, was a commercial fisherman, and managed a "Little Pigs Barbeque".

He was in the US Navy, and after leaving the Navy, he was a salesman with Kenny's Shoes, where he meet his future wife, Lee.

He later became an assistant manager at May Company in the woman's shoe department.

He then spent 2 years with Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation selling printing presses.

Dan was an atheist and became a Christian when as a 23-year-old businessman as a result of his teenager brother, Randy Rodden, who witnessed to him for about a year.

After the Navy and working in the business world,  Dan and his wife Leelee left their nets and became faith missionaries through First Baptist Church of West Covina, California.

They then joined Campus Crusade for Christ where he attended the Institute of Biblical Studies at CCC, as well as three years of Staff treaning at the headquarters in San Bernardino, CA.

They worked with the High School Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ in San Bernardino ,CA, and Columbus, Oh.

In 1972, Dan & Lee founded Student Action for Christ Inc. (whose name was later changed to The Caleb Campaign

Dan was the President and Co-founder of The Caleb Campaign (which was an evangelistic, educational, and discipleship ministries to youth, teachers, and parents).

They worked as Missionaries to the Public Schools. Through this Dan and his wife developed Caleb "Issues & Answers" a Christian newspaper that was distributed in Public Schools in many parts of the world. He was quoted in a Time Magazine Article.

To help the teachers they started A.C.E. ACTIVE CHRISTIANS IN EDUCATION.

Dan founded, produced, and published, Caleb "Issues & Answers Radio Show", Caleb Curriculum, and was the keynote speaker for "The Christian in the Public School" and "Learning to live in a War Zone Reality".

Dan was the Co-Founder of "Enrichment Time", a homeschooling supplemental program.

Dan was Executive Editor and publisher of "The Homeschooler" which was done to encourage Christian home-school families to not be afraid of being in the world but not of the world.

Dan and his wife founded and directed the "Caleb Bike Farm " and "Caleb Bike Farm Zoo" which taught a Biblical work ethic to children and families. They also raised and sold exotic and domestic animals Worldwide through "LeDan's Farm".

They traveled, along with several of their animals, throughout North America for about ten years with the "Caleb The Drop By Zoo" teaching Biblical character to children, youth, and adults in churches, schools, and businesses while he studied American Culture.

Dan has vast experience in education, business, and economics as well as the practical ministry for everyday life.

Dan has appeared on Oprah Winfrey, Phil Donahue, Mort Downey, Jr. Show, CNN News, Fox News, TBN.

Dan, his wife, and their animals were also featured in newspapers across the country such as The Geneva Republican, The Wauconda Daily Herald, The Carmi Tmes, The Progress Christopher Il, The Daily American West Frankfort, Il, The Southern Illinoisian,  the Goreville, Gazette.

As a couple, Dan and his wife worked as a cottage parent, with at-risk youth at the Sherriff's Youth Ranch in Safety Harbor, FL.

Dan is the Co-Founder of Christian Concierge, which is a network of Christian info-preneurs who are learning to utilize The Eternal Treasure Chest to be fruitful in all areas of life.

Dan has great knowledge and insight into the worlds of plants and animals, ancient and modern societies, youth culture, civil government, politics and religion and philosophy, as they relate to people today.

Through founding Christian Concierge business networking groups, Dan worked at , "Changing the Character of Business" by helping Christians to  "Be Fruitful & Frugal" at the same time, by "Doing Good Together".

Coming out of retirement, Dan has founded "George Washington Republicans" and "The Eternal Treasure Chest" and Join Us At The Ark In Kentucky.

By using his internet marketing experience, he is helping people become "Christian Info-Preneurs" and fruitful users of the internet. His purpose is to help Christian people become involved in their civic lives, American Culture, and to help America return to the Principles of George Washington and the Declaration of Independence.

History Lee Rodden

Wife of one husband for fifty years, mother to three children who were homeschooled from grade 3 to 12.

Accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 1970 and began ministering to youth almost immediately along with her husband, Dan.

Worked with youth in a large church during the great awakening of the Jesus Movement, seeing many come to Christ; helped start and run a Christian coffee house.

High School Staff at Campus Crusade for Christ and worked in the inner-city of San Bernardino, CA and Columbus, Ohio.

Attended three years at Institute of Biblical Studies at CCC headquarters in San Bernardino, CA.

Co-Founder of Student Action for Christ, The Caleb Campaign, Editor of Caleb “Issues & Answers”, Publisher & Executive Editor of “The Home Schooler”, Co-Founder of The Caleb Bike Farm, The Caleb Bike Farm Zoo, and The Caleb Drop-By Zoo.

Co-Owner of LeDan’s Farm, truck farming, breeding, and raising exotic animals.

Worked with at-risk youth as cottage parents at the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranch in Safety Harbor, FL.

Co-Founder of Christian Concierge working with business men and women to integrate the Bible with their businesses.

Owner of “Leeleespages”, editor, writer, and ghost-writer of many books.

Author of novel, “Outlawed”.

Podcast, writer, and ministering through social media (Facebook, Twitter, and blog).

Created by Dan I. Rodden